About the Instructors

Our instructors are State Certified Spanish Teachers who bring with them numerous years of experience in the classroom. They are dedicated and professional individuals who care about every student. We know that every child can learn, and we are committed to helping each one.

Our DVD program is a supplemental tool for the students to use while the teacher is not “live”. It consists of hours and hours of practice that correlate to the lessons being taught in class. Several Spanish teachers are in the DVD program to allow the students to hear a variety of grammatically-correct responses. To accompany the DVD program, we have numerous other worksheets and activities to cover all the objectives for Spanish 1 and 2, focusing on “speaking” the everyday language that the students will be able to use outside the classroom.

Furthermore, our instructors do not share your school’s class times with other schools.  In other words, they are dedicated to spending your allotted time with only your students.   

In compliance with the rules of the State Department of Education, the combination of a “Virtual Classroom” (Moodle) with Certified Spanish Teachers providing “live” daily instruction in real time allows the students to receive the best of both worlds.  Our Spanish teachers will also integrate and connect their daily lessons to the content being covered on Moodle.  We want to reinforce the students’ skills in all aspects of the Spanish language.

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