What is required for this program?

You probably already have what is required for this program:

  1. A high-speed internet connection with a Skype connection
  2. a computer
  3. a webcam
  4. a DVD player (usually installed on your computer). This will only be needed to view the DVD sets*.

The first year only, you will also need to purchase a classroom set of Rider Classroom Spanish materials. This includes Student Workbooks, four-disc DVD sets, Enrichment Activity Binder, Exams and Keys, reading and writing activities and assessments and much more installed on Moodle.org.

An adult should be in the classroom to address any behavioral issue.

*The DVD sets are not intended to take the place of a Certified Spanish Teacher. They are only a "supplement" to the entire comprehensive program. The sessions include lots of opportunity to listen to a variety of complete, grammatically correct questions and answers in a "classroom style" format. There are seven Spanish teachers involved in the DVD sessions, including "native" Spanish speakers.
(Contact us directly for more technical specifications).

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