Randall C. Rider (Randy) is a recognized Master Teacher for the beginning levels of Spanish.  In addition to classroom teaching and curriculum writing at the high school and college level, he has directed a Spanish immersion school in Mexico.  He has also worked as a consultant of second-language learning for educational publishing companies.  Randy has lived and traveled throughout Spanish-speaking countries, learning about the various cultures, and realizes that not all students learn alike. Being aware of the many different learning styles, he knows that the teaching methodology must be eclectic in order to reach all students.  He uses a communicative and natural approach, encouraging the students to be engaged in as much conversation in the target language as possible.

Ten years ago, Randy started Rider Classroom Spanish by combining his numerous years of teaching Spanish with his goal to provide school districts with a highly-effective distance learning program.  What followed were years of instruction by fellow Spanish teachers using his curriculum that has built a proven reputation for excellence.