Rider Classroom Spanish consists of two major components:

  1. the live daily Spanish instruction by a Certified Spanish Teacher via Skype video calling, and
  2. a comprehensive set of materials to cover Spanish I and Spanish II available in both printed and digital form.

All Rider Classroom Spanish teachers are Certified Spanish teachers.  They are veteran teachers with years of experience in traditional classrooms.

Materials are sold in 10, 15, and 20 sets.  Please see Pricing page.

All materials are provided digitally on USB flash drives: Spanish I Student Workbooks, Spanish II Student Workbooks, Enrichment Activities, ‘Ramiro Readings’, Weekly Plans, Exams with Answer Keys, Games, Activities, and additional worksheets.

For each set of materials, schools have access at no additional charge to an online learning management system powered by Moodle. This option allows the students enrolled in Spanish access to all required materials in digital format as well as a variety of supplemental materials including listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, and conversational activities, quizzes and tests providing immediate results to the student and administrator or monitor of the class.