There is a one-time purchase the first year only for the materials which can be used year after year.  (The one-time purchase of materials is contingent on the school district continuing to use Rider Classroom Spanish and there will be no refunds given on materials), and a low-cost ‘Teacher of Record’ charge for each Spanish class for each quarter (approximately a nine-week period—four quarters in total).

Also, one set of materials combines both Spanish I and II.  You do not need to buy one set for Spanish I and another for Spanish II. You save money.


Additionally, each class, whether it is Spanish I or Spanish II will be charged a quarterly fee.  Contact Rider Classroom Spanish directly for a quote based on how many students you anticipate enrolling in each Spanish class.

*(To maintain the highest quality of instruction possible, please keep the maximum number of students in any Spanish class at 35 or below)

In summary, the school would have two charges: the first and one-time only charge is for the materials purchased in the summer; and the second charge is for the actual Teacher of Record per class per quarter (nine weeks).

****If Spanish I and II are combined, it will be charged as two classes. In this case, we will provide a live session for each level.  For example, the first half of the “entire” class period will be for Spanish I students and the second half will be dedicated to the Spanish II students.

*For larger school districts with more than 50 students in Spanish I and II, please contact Rider Classroom Spanish for a quote on the minimum purchase of materials required.

Please contact me directly for the most cost-efficient quote for your school at or call at (405) 923-2239.